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Retrieval effectivenessacross these high-integrity sites would probably be significantly better assuming harvesting and retrieval tools that make use of the metadata than the unstructured searches available now through Lycos and AltaVista.

Clearly, metadata is an international issue, involving researchers andpractitioners from many countries. A basic premise of Dublin Core is that the simple metadata statements Dcq sontag essay in unqualified DC can be created by authors and publishers with casual or no understanding of metadata in terms of its nature or subsequent uses.

Although OAI implementation is touted as simple, requiring very littletechnical background, the technical skills necessary are beyond those ofany but the most technically adept librarian.

The contributions of knowledge and experience from these pioneers inthe metadata Wild West will go a long way toward disarming the cowboysbehind the rocks.

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For librarians or project managers who attempt to understand this world enough to plan a project implementation with a metadata component, the frustrations are also considerable. A second theme is more concrete: The growing awarenessof collection holders of the return-on-investment of metadata generationmay yet affirm the original premise; however, to date, it has not proved tobe a particularly valid assumption.

Thus, in the eight years since its beginning, the project has evolved along three major dimensions: Perhaps the problem is determiningwhat the current, standard manner of doing things is, when none of thedocumentation available uses the same terminology.


A third theme arises from the second: A specific repository of metadata describing educational resources on the Web i. Steven Bird and Gary Simons describe the Open Language Archives Community and the model that group has developed to manage metadata standards and aggregation, as well as the creation of tools to support reuse.

In addition, most of the research literature about digital libraries is not published in journals familiar to librarians; rather, it is scattered in digital library and computer science conference proceedings or journals. Stuart Sutton describes the work ofGateway to Educational Materials, one of the first and still one of themost influential projects gathering educational materials for teachers.

The initial, and still pri-mary, goal of the GEM project was to alleviate this resource discoveryproblem through development and deployment of a metadata element set,accompanying procedures for its use, and tools necessary to automate thecreation, harvesting, and use of metadata.

Diane would like to thankin particular her colleagues at Cornell Information Science, whose assis-tance when she broke her arm in February was above and beyondthe call of duty. Metadata in Practice is divided into two parts. These initiatives fueled considerable discussion within the Dublin Core community and would inform the development of the second-generation GEM architecture.

As the following narrative touches on these initial core assumptions, we will point out the changes that have occurred. We can meet even the toughest requirements to serve your purpose.

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Since the adoption of the elements and element refinements of the GEM namespace by the Consortium in early as version 1. You can rely on us.

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For librarians or project managers who attempt to understand thisworld enough to plan a project implementation with a metadata compo-nent, the frustrations are also considerable. Deckblatt essay uni mainz lageplan dative argument essay phd comics dissertation defense failure.

Stuart Sutton describes the work of Gateway to Educational Materials, one of the first and still one of the most influential projects gathering educational materials for teachers.

Metadata in Practice is divided into two parts. While it is tempting to protect our egos by painting a portrait of ametadata initiative free of imperfections, we will avoid doing so in thischapter. We offer exceptional help writing college essays. While the GEM Directorate is funded to provide limited metadata generation services for new Consortium members, the burden of extensive metadata generation was not considered one of its central roles.

The profile has gone through two versions—each matching one of the GEM generations outlined in this chapter. New metadata formats seem to erupt like dandelions on a spring lawn, each seeking to bring together new communities with genuine needs to organize their important information.

How hard are AP timed writings? Element names, labels, and definitions may well be available, but what is often lacking is an experienced body of implementers to provide the documentation on what belongs inside the elements.

We ask these new pioneers to follow the lead of the contributors to this book, consider those coming behind them, and pass on their knowledge freely, for the betterment of us all. Pay for what is already done. It always seems to slip away.

But aside from orienting our contributors to their target audience, perhaps the most important question we have asked them is: The first is the most important: Someone will be managing your project or using your data after your tenure, and will need to understand the context of your decisions.

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