Write an equation of the line below.

On forums like Mathoverflow, references to other writer's contributions as "the answer above" or the "answer below" are rendered meaningless and confusing by the fact that the physical ordering of the answers is different for different readers and at different times.

The strategy you use to solve the problem depends on the type of information you are given. The process for simplifying depends on how you are going to give your answer. D It is not represented. The point slope form gets its name because it uses a single point on the graph and the slope of the line.

If you drive a big, heavy, old car, you get poor gas mileage. It is a very useful skill that will come in handy later in the year. This equation is not in slope-intercept form. As you can see, point-slope form is nothing too complicated.

While you could plot several points by just plugging in values of x, the point-slope form makes the whole process simpler. Now consider the lines shown in Figure 7. Those have x and y variables in the equation. When a problem asks you to write the equation of a line, you will be given certain information to help you write the equation.

Example 2 If a line has the equation then the slope write an equation of the line below. the line must be -2 and the y-intercept must be 8.

However, there is an extra consideration for electronically published items in electronic journals or particularly in forums like this web-site, Mathoverflow. Find the equation of a line that passes through the point 5, 5 and is parallel to What is your answer?

The first step is to find the slope of the line that goes through those two points. The slope intercept form of a linear equation is based on the slope and the y-coordinate at the y-intercept.

We say that the variable y varies directly as x. Since you are given two points, you can first use the slope formula to find the slope and then use that slope with one of the given points.

You would first find the slope of the given line, but you would then use the negative reciprocal in the point-slope form. The components of an ordered pair x, y associated with a point in the plane are called the coordinates of the point; x is called the abscissa of the point and y is called the ordinate of the point.

The first step is to find the slope of the line that goes through those two points. Now substitute those values into the point-slope form of a line.

You also have TWO points use can use.

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In the examples worked in this lesson, answers will be given in both forms. This type of problem involves writing equations of parallel or perpendicular lines. Given Two Points When you are given two points, it is still possible to use the point-slope form of a line.

If you are comfortable with plugging values into the equation, you may not need to include this labeling step. In a more general straight line equation, x and y are coordinates, m is the slopeand b is the [y-intercept]. Transforming the slope-intercept form into general form gives Parallel and Perpendicular There is one other common type of problem that asks you to write the equation of a line given certain information.

The point I've indicated, -1,0just happens to be the easiest one to find. Because this equation describes a line in terms of its slope and its y-intercept, this equation is called the slope-intercept form.

Try working it out on your own. The x-coordinate of the point where a line crosses the x-axis is called the x-intercept of the line, and the y-coordinate of the point where a line crosses the y-axis is called they-intercept of the line. The authors would have left the answer as: It's much easier to look at it on the same page rather than have to flip back and forth.

And note Figure 7. The value of y when x is 0 is called the y-intercept because 0,y is the point at which the line crosses the y axis. Introduction Straight lines are produced by linear functions. If you need help rewriting the equation, click here for practice link to linear equations slope.

Now you need to simplify this expression.c. Write an equation of the line you drew. d. Use the equation to predict the baby points above the line as below it. c. The line passes through (5, 10) Section Scatter Plots and Lines of Best Fit Use a graph to solve the equation. Check your solution.

When you are given a point and a slope and asked to write the equation of the line that passes through the point with the given slope, you have to use what is called the point-slope form of a line. When using this form you will substitute numerical values for x 1, y 1 and m.

SOLUTION: 4)Find an equation of the line described below.

Using the Point-Slope Form of a Line

Write the equation in slope-intercept form (solved for y), when possible. Through (6,4) and (4. Slope Intercept Equation of a Line. Graphing a Line Using Its Slope and y-Intercept. The equation of a line with a slope of m and a y-intercept of (0, b) is y = mx + b. Therefore the graph of the equation is shown below.

Example. Determine the equation of the graph that is shown. Solution: The y-intercept of the line is 1. b = 1. Functions / Topics / Writing Linear Equations / Slope-Intercept Form ; Find the equation of the line graphed below.

We can see from the picture that the y-intercept is 2, so the equation for the line is: y = mx + 2. Now we need to figure out m, the slope of the line. The equation of our line is y is equal to negative 5 thirds x plus our y-intercept which is 13 which is 13 over 3.

And we can write these as mixed numbers. if it's easier to visualize. 13 over 3 is four and 1 thirds.

Write an equation of the line below.
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